What’s In A [Pug] Color?

What’s in a [Pug] Color?

By Eva Hart

When making the decision to adopt a pug, many people find that they have a preference for a certain color. Fawn, black, brindle—so many choices! Yet, are these differences that make a difference?

(photos of brindle pugs at a recent Pug Club Meetup)

The two main pug colors are fawn and black, and you might see other pug colors or patterns such as brindle, apricot and silver. And then there are variations within all of those colors. If you’re interested in all the different colors of pug, two good, reputable sources are the Pugs of Color Club and Funny Farm Pugs.  It’s interesting, too, to read about the history of pug colors.

(photo taken at a recent Pug Club Meetup in Boise, July 2012)

The fawn pug is most common. This pug is light yellowish-brown and has black markings around the ears and on the faces. Fawn pugs also have a black strip running down their back and a diamond-shaped black mark on the forehead.  Fawn pug aficionados say the fawn is the cutest of the pugs, but that is open to interpretation.

(photo of Imogene taken at a recent Pug Club Meetup)

The black pug is less common. Coloring is either solid black or black with a white spot or two. For example, Ebon (one of our Pug Pals pugs) has a white spot on his chest and a dot behind the pads of both his front feet. Most black pugs have only a single coat of fur whereas most fawn pugs have a double coat, but both colors can have either type of coat. The single black coat explains why black pugs tend to shed less than the fawn pug, and many owners find this trait of black pugs a real plus. Owners of black pugs have been heard to say that their pugs are both more sophisticated and more active than fawn pugs, but there is no definitive proof of either claim.

(photo of Ebon taken at a Pug Club Meetup)

The silver pug is rare. Their coloring is said to be like the moonlight and they have black markings similar to those of the fawn pug. This color of pug is rare so it may seem desirable to many people who are looking at adopting a pug.

(photo of a silver pug, by funnyfarmpugs.com)

People worry that the different colors of pug bring on different personality traits but this is not the case; their differences boil down to appearance. Pugs, no matter their color, all have similar characteristics. They are all fun-loving, sociable, and easy to get along with.

(photo of an apricot-fawn pug taken at a Pug Club Meetup)

The best thing to do when searching for your perfect pug is to choose the one you bond with, have that “special feeling” about, or think is the cutest little thing in the world. Don’t let the worry of their color be a factor in your decision since it doesn’t affect who they are. No matter what color pug you adopt, whether silver, black or fawn, you will fall in love and have a best friend for life.